Development of Blended Learning Media Using Epocket Book Based On Character Values

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Lutfiatul Afifah
Imas Ratna Ermawati


 This research was conducted to address the problem of learning activities of students who are less active and lack understanding of learning materials. The purpose of this research is to develop the medium of physics learning in the form of applications on mathematics physics courses for many function materials. This research is a development research by adopting ADDIE development model. At the analysis stage, researchers conduct library studies and field studies, namely by conducting needs analysis. At the design stage researchers conduct product design, and instrument manufacturing. At the development stage researchers asked experts to test the validation of products already made. Then the implementation stages of the product are tested to the respondent, to see if the product is viable or not implemented in the learning process in the classroom. The final stage is evaluation, the product is evaluated so that the product can be used at a wider range. At the field trial stage, the media was tested on a small scale with 25 respondents. Data obtained through observation methods is descriptively qualitatively analyzed. Meanwhile, validation data is analyzed descriptively qualitatively and quantitatively. Average material expert score 78.34% (good), media expert 80.00% (good), small scale test 81.69% (good), large-scale test 81.73% (good), character score result 79.21% (often). So it can be concluded that this application is worth using as a physics learning medium

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Lutfiatul Afifah, & Imas Ratna Ermawati. (2020). Development of Blended Learning Media Using Epocket Book Based On Character Values. International Proceedings Conferences Series, 40-43.