©Mr. Quixter @article{Devi Setyarini_Este Ambar Nugeaheni_Ayu Tsurayya_2020, title={Analysis of Students’ Mathematic Problem Solving Ability Based on Application of Learning Methods Electronic (e-learning)}, url={https://proceedings.uhamka.ac.id/index.php/ie/article/view/253}, DOI={10.22236/ie.vi.253}, abstractNote={<p>This study aims to analyze and describe the mathematical problem solving abilities of students based on the application of electronic learning methods (e-learning). The study was conducted at 199 Junior High School in Jakarta in class VII even semester 2019/2020. This research is a qualitative research. The research subject was 35 students of the VII-5 class, then 5 students were chosen to represent the category of problem solving abilities. Data collection in this study used test, interview, and documentation. The results showed that the mathematical problem-solving abilities of 35 students in class VII-5 were obtained by 1 student or 2.85% included in the very high category, 7 students or 20% included in the high category, 9 students or 25.71% included in the medium category, 14 students or 40% in the low category, and 4 students or 11.42% in the very low category.</p>}, journal={International Proceedings Conferences Series}, author={Devi Setyarini and Este Ambar Nugeaheni and Ayu Tsurayya}, year={2020}, month={Dec.}, pages={166-169} }