©Mr. Quixter @article{Iktivaiyatul Mawadah_Nyai Suminten_2020, title={Needs Analysis of Learning Material Development with Mind Map Model in Android Based on Brain Based Learning (BBL) in Physics Learning of High School}, url={https://proceedings.uhamka.ac.id/index.php/ie/article/view/256}, DOI={10.22236/ie.vi.256}, abstractNote={<p>Teaching material is one of important part in the learning process, as an educators need to increase creativity in preparing teaching material that wan to conveyed. Teaching materials which used by students need to follow the desires in accordance with the workings of each brain or bbl (brain based learning), so learning can be more enjoyable and students become easier to understand. One of the alternative teaching materials that works with the way of brain works is to use a mind map model developed through an application. in accordance with the industrial revolution 4.0, teaching materials can be through electronic devices such as smartphones that are easily carried to anywhere, so students can repeat the material wherever and whenever. This research is aims to analyze the need for teaching materials based on brain based learning with mind map model in Android on physics learning. This type of research method is a qualitative descriptive study. The sampling technique uses a random sampling technique. The research data were obtained by observation, interview, and questionnaire distribution. Based on the results of the data obtained shows that students do not play an active role when the teacher only explains the material and gives examples of questions because the teaching materials used by students are only textbooks, then students and teachers need bbl based mind map teaching materials on Android.</p>}, journal={International Proceedings Conferences Series}, author={Iktivaiyatul Mawadah and Nyai Suminten}, year={2020}, month={Dec.}, pages={104-110} }