©Mr. Quixter @article{Laela Amriani_Tian Abdul Aziz_Andi Sessu_2020, title={The Analysis of the Misconceptions of Class VII Junior High School Students in the Topic of Counting Operations}, url={https://proceedings.uhamka.ac.id/index.php/ie/article/view/261}, DOI={10.22236/ie.vi.261}, abstractNote={<p>This research is a case study found in Jakarta 48 public junior high school which aims to analyze students’ misconceptions of algebraic arithmetic operations in class VII. The method used is descriptive research in the form of 13 question test items given to 106 VII grade students who have previously been given training. The results of student research after analysis turned out that many experienced misconceptions in algebraic material both in understanding notation / letters and error rules when answering questions given. Overall misconceptions from students due to students ’low memory abilities, lack of student interest in learning, and students’ cognitive development that is not in accordance with the instructional materials that are of interest, so that the inculcation of algebraic learning concepts is still a complicated and difficult thing.</p>}, journal={International Proceedings Conferences Series}, author={Laela Amriani and Tian Abdul Aziz and Andi Sessu}, year={2020}, month={Dec.}, pages={25-27} }