©Mr. Quixter @article{Nyai Suminten_2020, title={Application of Learning Model Search, Solve, Create, Share and (SSCS) with Brain Quiz Game Learning Towards Creative Thinking Skills Student of Physics}, url={https://proceedings.uhamka.ac.id/index.php/ie/article/view/268}, DOI={10.22236/ie.vi.268}, abstractNote={<p>The purpose of this research is to obtain a description of the application from learning model the Search, Solve, Create, and Share (SSCS) with game Brain Quiz learning on the creative thinking skills of high school students of physics in the impulse momentum material. The research method used was a quasi-experimental design of the "pretest-posttest control group design" which was carried out in class X at one of the high schools in East Jakarta for 2019/2020 Academic Year. Data collection is done by using the pretest and posttest for students’ creative thinking skills. Based on the results of data analysis, the average N-gain of creative thinking skills of students is 0.84 and the standard deviation is 0.07, with 92% in the high category. So it can be concluded that the application of learning model Search, Solve, Create, and Share (SSCS) with game Brain Quiz learning can significantly improve students’ creative thinking skills.</p>}, journal={International Proceedings Conferences Series}, author={Nyai Suminten}, year={2020}, month={Dec.}, pages={136-140} }