©Mr. Quixter @article{Christopher Yu_2020, title={Loops All the Way Down – How Incorporating Feedback Loops into Our Teaching Perspective Can Elevate Math Pedagogy}, url={https://proceedings.uhamka.ac.id/index.php/ie/article/view/281}, DOI={10.22236/ie.vi.281}, abstractNote={<p>This paper analyzes secondary math student behavioral patterns from the lens of a systems theorist.&nbsp; Using the concept of feedback loops, we can see why some students fall into detrimental patterns that lead to low achievement in mathematics. Also, the author will relate his experience with Thinking Classroom Methodology, work by the professor Peter Liljedahl, and how it improves math pedagogy also through the lens of feedback loops.</p>}, journal={International Proceedings Conferences Series}, author={Christopher Yu}, year={2020}, month={Dec.}, pages={1-6} }